Nutrition & Detoxification

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    Nutrition and Detoxification

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    Nutrition and Detoxification

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    Nutrition and Detoxification

  • Nutrition and Detoxification

    Nutrition and Detoxification



Nutritional values
The power of water

In order to be beneficial to health, water must have the following properties:
  • It must be free of pollutants (heavy metals, pesticide residues, solvents, hormone residues, drug residues, chlorine, fluoride and pathogens).
  • The water should be of an alkaline pH, which aids neutralisation of excess body tissue acidity from diets, stress and environmental pollution. Alkaline water contains higher levels of oxygen.
  • It should be micro-clustered and energised, which benefits the hydration of the body cells and provides vital energy
  • It should contain anti-oxidant properties, helping to neutralise the harmful free radicals that cause tissue damage
  • Far infra-red energy in the water enables it to penetrate the body, activate cells, and reactivate and strengthen the micro-circulatory systems. This aids regulation of blood flow and re-activates vital energy in the body
SEM contains AVS and patented all-natural mineral ceramic balls. As water passes through SEM it is treated twice, first by AVS and then by ceramic balls, which transform it into high quality water. No chemicals are used in this process. SEM can be installed in various places, for example, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, swimming pools, farms and domestic homes. For more information, please get in touch with us.

Cellogie plant-based nutritional therapy in Reading and Slough

This nutritional organic beverage of key fruits and vegetables, both blended and juiced, provides a powerful package to form the base of all the nutrients that your body needs for our key programmes.
Our cells are the source of our health. Thanks to this new biological complex called Cellogie™ you can now provide your body with the nutritional support of plants, berries, fruits, vegetables and herbs straight to where it's needed, when it's needed.
Doctors and researchers designed the patented technology of the Cellogie™ bio-granule by studying one of nature’s great miracles, the snowflake. Using the unique "snowball effect", it eradicates the need for binders, fillers, capsules or coatings that plague many of the supplements on the market today, which actually impede the digestion of supplements in the stomach. The result: millions of capsules leave the body whole and get flushed down the toilet with little or no nutritional benefit gained.

Benefits include:
  • Gives your cells all the nutrients they need to stay healthy, protected and function efficiently
  • Naturally restores the balance of nutrients
  • Easily administered
  • Only 0.7 calories per bio-granule
  • Totally GMO free
Peat hyperthermia

Naked Mud has created a special formulation of this peat, to bring you the highest quality, most health effective peat that can be obtained. Naked Mud Peat contains higher quantities of some of the most beneficial substances found in natural peat.
The International Peat Society has voted Naked Mud Peat as the best peat in the world.

It provides a natural 'detox' in your own bathtub by aiding the elimination of damaging toxins and waste products from the body’s cells and tissues. The result is an improvement in overall cell and organ function and the increased ability of the body to heal itself. It may help to:

  • Increase circulation
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Enhance the immune system
  • Detox deep tissue and fat
  • Aid in removal of heavy metals
  • Significant bone marrow production of white cells for the immune system
  • Significant increase in metabolism metabolic rate
  • Hormonal balancing effect
  • Increases libido

For quality nutritional advice from the healthcare professionals at Body Vibrant, call
01753 362 204
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