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Therapies from Body Vibrant

Our therapies include:

•  Peat hyperthermia
   Beneficial for circulation and oxygenation
Far infra-red detoxification
  Beneficial for circulation and      detoxification
• Low level light
  Beneficial for circulation and  oxygenation
• Hyperbaric oxygen chamber
   Beneficial for oxygenation
• Nutritional therapy
   Beneficial for detoxification and nutrition
• Colon hydrotherapy
   Beneficial for detoxification and hydration
• Enemas
   Beneficial for detoxification and hydration
• Ozone therapy
   Beneficial for oxygenation
• Advice on gut health & lifestyle changes
   Beneficial for detoxification
• Total body health monitoring EIS scan
Staying fit for life
Fit for life, fit for work
  • Reduce sluggishness and bloatedness
  • Increase your vitality and performance
  • Sleep better, wake up felling refreshed and energised
  • Detox and achieve a clearer complexion
  • Kick start your weight loss programme

Our Back to Health programme
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Increasing circulation of oxygen and blood flow to all areas of the body has a dramatic effect on long-term sustainable health and quality of life, and helps the body build more blood vessels throughout the body carrying blood, nutrition and oxygen to the vital cells of the body.


Water makes up around 70% of the human body. Proper hydration not only quenches one's thirst but maintains system equilibrium, supports brain function, hormone balance, metabolic processes the transportation of life-giving vitamins and minerals and supports the integrity of muscle, joint function, healthy skin and removal of waste products.


Oxygen is an essential element to every single cell in our body. However, as we age and as our environment becomes more and more polluted our bodies are becoming severely deficient in this elemental nutrient. During oxygen therapy the body is placed gently under pressure where oxygen can dissolve directly into the blood, tissue and other bodily fluids, thereby increasing oxygen levels in the cells dramatically.


All of us take in minute amounts of poison every day. Much of the food we eat contains pesticides, herbicides, dyes, preservatives, flavouring, stabilisers, processing chemicals, artificial growth hormones, antibiotics and even tranquillisers (found in meat). When the body is overloaded with these poisons, the detoxifying organs, such as the liver, kidney and skin, are compromised. When this happens, the immune system is weakened, other systems don’t function properly, and disease can occur.


The human body consists of elements and compounds ingested, digested, absorbed, and circulated through the bloodstream to feed the cells of the body. Eating well helps us to prevent many diseases that are linked with being overweight. Diseases include high blood sugar, high blood pressure, heart problems, stroke, cancer, joint problems and sleeping difficulties, just to name a few. Eating well also makes us feel emotionally well.

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