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Colon Hydrotherapy
Please take the time to read testimonials from some of our customers. At Body Vibrant of Reading and Slough we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service. 

Colon hydrotherapy testimonials 

“The experience with Body Vibrant was excellent. I immediately felt comfortable and Penny’s sense of humour put me at ease. It was my first time doing colon hydrotherapy and it all felt fine. Penny gives great advice on diet and other lifestyle habits as well. Highly recommended!!!” 
Gary T. Reading 

"At Body Vibrant, both of the therapists put me at ease. They were both very professional and sympathetic to the fact it was my first treatment. I felt very comfortable, and not at all embarrassed at any stage. It helped that each stage of the procedure was explained to me. The treatment was very gentle yet effective. I was initially worried that it would hurt. However at no point was the treatment painful. I would have no hesitation to recommend this treatment and Body Vibrant to friends and family. I felt the price of the treatment was very reasonable and the level of care was excellent! I am a very satisfied customer, and will repeat the procedure after Christmas." 
L M – Reading 

"Despite the many benefits, visiting an organisation for colonic hydrotherapy for the first time can be a daunting experience for some. However, Shemila shows considerable sensitivity and care in her welcoming of clients and introduction to the process. She quickly puts one's mind at rest. 

For the rest of the treatment, her experience and knowledge of the field is very evident as she guides one through the rest of the process in a calm, reassuring and immensely professional manner. Having had 2 sessions (only a few days apart) to support a liver cleanse, I can say that I was highly satisfied with the outcome, feeling somewhat lighter and clear-headed as a result. I shall be returning for further sessions in the New Year and I can wholeheartedly recommend Shemila to anyone else who may wish to experience the benefits of this particular therapy."
G F – Hampshire 

"I was very impressed with the whole experience. I have talked of and recommended colon hydrotherapy to all of my friends. It's something that I'd considered doing for many years before taking the plunge and I know now I should never have hesitated. From the warm, professional level of care offered to the gentle, understanding nature of the therapists. I was immediately made to feel at ease and slipped easily into the calm, relaxing atmosphere offered. I will definitely book myself in again."
J H – Reading 

"My experience at Body Vibrant! 
I went for a colonic with some trepidation. After having watched the “You Are What You Eat Programmes”, I expected the whole process to be disgusting but that was not the case... I was also worried about the size of the tube. But in fact it is very small and felt like the size of a small finger. The level of care was very high and personal. The 2 ladies who treated me both Shemi and Penny made me feel very relaxed; explaining the whole process 

As I had a course of treatments, we were able to chat about life and catch up on news during the treatment. This in itself shows how relaxed they both made me feel. Penny’s sense of humour could sometimes be a distraction and we had to make sure I didn’t laugh to a point where the tube would fall out! Which of course if did not. There are no smells involved either as the whole system is closed. 
I went for this treatment because I had been extremely bloated for years and was even asked if I was pregnant. I also had an embarrassing problem, with flatulence and constipation. I felt lethargic and miserable. 

I wish I had not waited all those years. It took 3 treatments before the water which is body temperature got rid of all the rubbish and toxins that had built up in my colon over several years. My stomach reduced in size straight away. Flatulence was put to an end for about 6-9 months and I had enough energy to join the gym after the treatment programme was finished. Advice on healthy eating was also given. 

In the days following the treatment I noticed that my urine kept changing colour from deep green to clear until it was finally clear. I then realised that your body cannot keep itself clean if your colon is not clean and the toxins will move to other part of the body."

Hyperbaric oxygen 

My overall experience at Body Vibrant has been one of extreme professionalism where both therapists have always been both caring and nurturing. Your dignity is always of paramount importance to them and they always make you feel that their number one priority is to help make you well! 

I cannot recommend these treatments highly enough, especially the hyperbaric oxygen therapy. 

I initially came for treatment after a breast cancer diagnosis and pre-op. I had a full detox programme, including the infrared sauna, light therapy, HBOT and colon hydrotherapy. These treatments definitely helped prepare my body for surgery. After the surgery I went straight back into the oxygen chamber and although still in a great deal of pain, my experience whilst in the chamber was one of almost zero pain and the ability to breathe almost normally. 

Although I had been advised that I had a high risk of infection and impaired healing, I have healed remarkably well and my surgeon has been exceptionally pleased with my progress. I was also able to come off my pain killers a lot sooner than expected. 

I continue to have regular sessions in the chamber as I cannot underestimate the benefit of these treatments alongside regular colon hydrotherapy treatments. 

Body Vibrant detox testimonial 

I first heard about Shemi through my osteomyologist when having treatment for my neck. 

He looked really well and more slender. He went on to tell me about his treatments and how much better he felt. So I was straight on the phone to Shemi saying, “I have just been recommended by my osteomyologist who looked like a new man and I wanted you to make me a new woman out of me”; which made her laugh and instantly I felt at ease with her even over the telephone. I said, “sign me up for all your treatments as I have been through a very difficult and stressful time, I want to do something for my health and to get my life back on track”. So I was very eager to start my treatments. I must admit I was a bit nervous about it but as soon as I met Shemi I felt very comfortable. She was very professional but with a warm touch and so easy to talk to. Equally the other practitioner Penny whom I also met was also just like Shemi, which was really nice. I felt relaxed instantly. 

My colonic went really well and was really amazed at what we are carrying around in our body. It made me think afterwards about what to eat and what not to eat as I didn’t want to fill my body back up with rubbish. 

I indulged myself with the Full Detox package, including 3 colonics, a coffee enema, low level light therapy, far infrared sauna and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. 

Again, I was very sceptical and nervous about the hyperbaric chamber, but there was no need to be. I just closed my eyes and forgot about real life for an hour. 

So after experiencing all that Body Vibrant has to offer, I can honestly say I do feel like a new woman and feel so much more enthused and energised. I've got my mojo back so I would really like to thank Shemi and Penny for making me feel and look so good and I am so excited about my future. Thanks again. 

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